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Fantastic Today I tool delivery of the tank clearomiser. I already have the E-cab but wanted something that lasted a bit longer so I got a large battery with the same order. The hit on this thing is amazing and the atomizers are very reasonable. It smokes just like a real cig. I knew it would be a little bit bulkier than the ecab but the batteries last ages. I have been on the same battery for three days now. The lovely lady at there office recommended the larger clearomiser for heavier users and it does the job nicely. I imagined it would be huge and weigh a lot but its actually neat and compact. I cant see myself changing any time soon. I am delighted with the cig and the customer support is great. I am vaping away now and charging my second battery from the usb port :) Great product. Thumbs up Sweven..... Nice one User: Lisa Monk
tCab eSmart E Cig Components

Slim line e liquid e cigarette

Brouse all our components and spares for the TCAB / ESMART electronic cigarette.

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  • £ 4.70 Out of stock

    Tcab esmart clearomizers for use with zigs e liquid and tcab esmart batteries and e cigarette kits. These are not compatible with automatic batteries. New slim design for a more elegant electronic cigarette appearance, this e cigarette appeals to both man and women. SORRY NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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  • £ 9.95 Out of stock
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    Tcab / Esmart manual (button operated) 340ma battery. Must be used with esmart charger or 200ma 4.2 volt usb charger. Available in black, white, blue, purple, pink or dark red colours. Button may be turned on or off by five very fast presses. SORRY NO LONGER AVAILABLE

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  • £ 6.60 This Item is in Stock & Ready for Despatch

    USB Charger for the TCAB & ESMART electronic cigarette batteries. Can be used with computer USB port or our USB mains power unit. If you are in the office much of the time and need to recharge your tcab electronic cigarette batteries this charger plugs directly into a USB socket on your computer - this charger is a must have item for the office.

    £ 6.60
    This Item is in Stock & Ready for Despatch
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items