510 Cartomizer for e Cigarettes

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510 XL twin coil Cartomizer for all 510 e cigarette batteries, just fill with e liquid and vape. Atomiser and e liquid storage in one unit. E liquid or battery not supplied. We are selling more of these in place of 510-Tank atomisers as they do not leak and are much cheaper. WHITE OR BLACK

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Instructions  ZIGS XL Cartomizer – Please read & view photos first please


Take the stopper out of the top of the XL Cartomizer as shown in the second & third photos (use a bent paperclip or such like to ease the cap out). Take the eliquid bottle – rest the nozzle in the tilted cartomizer and pour slowly the first time allowing the liquid to soak into the wadding (this is usually a little slow the very first time as the wadding is completely dry) – a few drips at a time until the wadding is saturated – this must be allowed to reach the bottom or the atomiser element will be dry and no vapour will be produced. Do not allow the liquid to go into the centre hole as this will pass down into the battery terminals and or result in liquid in the mouth. If this should happen remove cartomizer from battery and blow into the top of the cartomizer and wipe away any liquid that appears at the bottom battery contacts. Replace stopper firmly into the top of the cartomizer and the cigarette is ready to use.



Connoisseur ecig systems


To get a truly fulfilling vaping experience, it’s essential to purchase a high-end E-Cig product, many of which are on sale at this website.

These make use of a similar kind of battery, available in automatic or manual mode. The manual battery features a little switch that neatly activates each time it's pressed. This can be a matter of individual choice, but the manual switched batteries are usually thought to be much more dependable, because the switching in the automated kind might be vulnerable to failure. Even though it may appear like a minimal hassle at first, users quickly get accustomed to it.

Several high end systems provide batteries not just in regular "cigarette size" but also bigger high-capacity batteries, perfect for use at home.

There's two primary forms of cartomisers designed for the systems. The first is just like the shop-bought product, which contains a roll of absorbent lint material that is impregnated with the e-juice at the manufacturing plant. Furthermore, several providers offer refillable cartomisers that allow you to "edge-drip" your own e-juice to replenish the cartomisers and then use them in precisely the same manner. These cartomisers can be filled again many times but will ultimately ‘burn out’.

The alternative is to use a refillable mini-tank that screws onto the battery exactly the same as pre-filled cartomisers, but that contains only fluid and a wicking system to supply the juice to the heating unit. They are simple to re-fill using the drippers that come with the E-juice. A plastic mouth piece forms a stopper in order that the device is totally self-contained and inconspicuous. In tests, these mini-tank devices usually generate a lot more vapour and a more gratifying experience compared to all-in-one cartomisers designs, because they don’t ‘drop-off’ as the juice runs out. They also have the benefit that you can see when they are empty, although they might not be ideal for convenience, specially when you’re outdoors.

Several companies offer bigger tanks, such as the Triton system from Halocigs, which when joined with a bigger capacity battery is a more substantial device for long-term use at home.



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