Introducing a new way of getting Nicotine into the blood stream without the harmful elements in a conventional cigarette.


If electronic cigarettes are new to you let us explain exactly what they are: most e-cigarettes consist of a battery an atomiser and a cartridge chamber tip that holds a small amount of nicotine and water or more recently electronic cigs that use a colormiser or clearomizer that is made up of a transparent chamber with built in atomizer that you can fill with e liquid. The latter is much more common these days as they are very convenient to use.


The 901 and 510 models look like a conventional cigarette - the user draws on the E cigarette the LED at the end of the electronic cigarette glows just like the embers of a real cigarette and at the same time the onboard microprocessor starts the vaporizer which converts some of the liquid nicotine in the replaceable electronic cigarette cartridge into a fine vapour that almost appears as cigarette smoke. The user inhales the vapour just the same way as conventional cigarette smoke and receives a nicotine hit into the bloodstream - that feels the same as the normal cigarette. The 510 e cigarette is also available with a manual button that some customers claim battery life is better as there are no auto electronics involved.


There is no secondhand smoke when using an electronic cigarette and it will not taint your clothes or affect others around you. There will be no smoke to damage your home or the interior of your car. Inhaling from an electronic cigarette does not contain the 4000 cancerous toxins, tars and harmful carbon monoxide that starve your lungs of oxygen.


Swevan Electronic Cigarettes can be used legally anywhere as there is no smoke, nothing flammable and no passive smoking. Buy an electronic cigarette to be safer and still get the nicotine without the damage to your body.


All our e cigarette kits come with two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries unless otherwise stated, so that a fully charged battery is always available (front half of the cigarette), a mains charger with UK 3 pin plug is provided or a USB mains power supply (most companies do not supply this as standard) with seperate USB charger, vaporizer / atomiser (these need to be replaced every 1 - 2 months as they are an expendable item), selection of cartridges or free e liquid if the kit comes with clearomizer. 


Remember there are thousands of manufacturers of electronic cigarettes and all appear identical but are not to the same standard. Swevan electronic cigarettes have many certifications including the nicotine which is German TUV Rheinland Food regulation certified.


Cartridge refills are available in high medium and low nicotine levels with various tobacco flavours including menthol. Also we have a very large selection of e liquids flavours in various nicotine including 26mg, 20mg, 12mg, 8mg and zero nicotine.


A cartridge is approximately equivalent to 15 -20 cigarettes based on 200 to 300 puffs. 


When comparing electronic cigarettes please check the price of the refills as most companies charge over double the price of Swevan cartridges and our kits are built to a high standard for reliability. Most e cigarettes look the same but the electronics and battery quality can be very different. We only supply high quality components from the three world largest manufacturers.


The electronic cigarette kits are inexpensive - much cheaper than cigarettes and save you money - how much can you save - see FAQ1.


Please read our main FAQ for more details or watch the Video and our Truth about Electronic Cigarettes



No smoke - Just vapour - Satisfy your craving without Smoke