Now that you have read our other pages about electronic cigarettes, we will tell you why you should use one!


The electronic cigarette or e-cig gives the same satisfaction as a conventional cigarette but without the massive damage to your body - you do not have the craving for a cigarette because you are still giving your brain the nicotine. You can use the electronic cigarette in places where you are not allowed to smoke normal cigarettes - no more standing outside the pub in winter.

The cost for a smoker who goes through 20 cigarettes a day is around £8......that is £2920.00 per year!! By using an Electronic Cigarette you can save a significant amount of money, for example a fairly heavy smoker using an E-cig will spend roughly £1.25 per day......£459 per year!! It's a huge saving of £2461.00 per year.

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Yes - Both electronic cigarettes and conventional cigarettes provide nicotine. If you prefer as some of our clients do - they use the electronic cigarette when in an environment that does not allow normal cigarettes such as public houses and use their normal brand of cigarettes at other times.


Of course the electronic cigarette is much safer as it does not contain the harmful substances a normal cigarette introduces into the body.



Yes we have certification for CE & RoHs conformity testing and the nicotine cartridges have German TUV Rheinland Food regulation certificate number Z08805624 meeting Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 and Directive (EC) 2002/72 plus corresponding regulations 30 and 31 LFGB. We treat testing very serious and our manufacturers provide these certificates to us on a regular basis



No they are not. Originally the electronic cigarette was invented in 2003 but as we understand it the company changed the name and lost rights to the patent.


This opened a flood gate of companies, many Chinese that copied the design but not all manufactured to the same standard. All e- cigarettes look almost the same as the fundemental design in the patent has been used by each manufacturer but do not share the same quality and most do not have test certificates for the nicotine that is passed into the lungs -We do!! see question above. So start using Swevan electronic cigarettes now.    



Do electronic cigarettes taste like normal cigarettes? Well no, nicotine is naturally sweet and cigarettes contain burning substances such as tobacco, paper, additives etc which mask the nicotine taste. So it will never taste exactly like a normal cigarette but it is no more different than possibly changing your brand. It is something all our clients are quite happy with because they come back to us time and time again to order more cartridge refills. 



Yes - Your clothes and breath will no longer smell of stale tobacco smoke. They will not hear you asking if they mind you lighting a cigarette. You should look alot healthier and feel better in yourself. Finally you will have more money in your pocket because electronic cigarettes cost around 90% less. 





No - Many of our customers have decided they wish to continue with their brand of cigarettes but use the electronic cigarette in no smoking areas such as pubs and offices.


The electronic cigarette does not have the high risks of normal cigarettes such as carcinogenic cancerous toxins and carbon monoxide but does support the habit of holding a cigarette and takes away the nicotine cravings most cigarette smokers have.



Dr Chris Steele the resident doctor on ITVs This Morning reported on electronic cigarettes in the programme screened on Wednesday May 28th 2008. He reported that a couple of his patients had tried electronic cigarettes with very positive results and that they were a very real alternative to cigarettes.


Delicate subject - but it is well proven that as we get older smokers suffer with hardening and clogging of the arteries leading to poor blood circulation. Doctors confirm a very high percentage of impotence cases are smokers who have damaged their blood circulation through years of smoking.




Whats Vaping


The E-Cig as you may know it nowadays arises from a design by Hon-Lik, a pharmacist in China, in 2003. Tradition implies that he introduced his model to market influenced by the passing away of his own father through cancer of the lung. The design was acquired by a Chinese firm called Ruyan, and there are today many businesses in China producing e-cigarettes. The earliest ‘Cartomiser’ system, in which the atomiser and eliquid compartment are incorporated into just one device, hit the UK marketplace in 2007. This is the primary technology which is used by the majority of the main E-Cig companies nowadays.


The components of a contemporary ecigarette are very basic. Essentially a powerful miniature battery is utilized to create heat, that vaporises a little bit of fluid from the cartomiser device, transforming it into an aerosol vapour that is then breathed in by the user.


E-Cigarette models are dependable, inexpensive to produce, and mostly disposable. As long as high-quality components are utilized in their production, there isn't any fire or risk of harm. They don’t leak or rust, nor will they pollute in any significant way. 

Steps You Can Take and Places You Can Vape 


Society is not yet familiar with vaping. It is crucial never to be big-headed and to consider the overall consensus surrounding you. The more time you vape, the more courageous you might become. The advancement of vaping will probably result in more acceptance, particularly in drinking establishments. Nevertheless in the short term the worst thing for you to do is to attract negative attention. Keep in mind - until you attempt this you've got no understanding of the ins and outs and the way it feels. Perceptions will require some time to change, and there is a great necessity for public education, therefore in the near future caution is suggested. Fast-forward 5 years and you may envision that vaping might be culturally acceptable in just about any scenario.


It’s a good idea to ask permission prior to using your e-cigarettes in somebody's house or office. Those who are really anti-smoking will require a lot of shifting before they'll understand it.


The most apparent advantage of vaping is you can do it in areas where using tobacco is totally taboo. You just need to be cautious. You’re not doing it to show off, you’re doing it to get the nicotine into your body and obtain whatever benefit you look for.


In the Car.


Cigarette smoking in a vehicle, particularly in winter weather when you can't drive around when the windows are open, is a horrible habit. The odour remains on you, in the inside of the car, and can upset anyone who is driving along with you. It’s particularly awful for those who have kids in the vehicle. Obviously vaping offers an answer to the problem. There is no stench, the vapour is not shown to be harmful, and it evaporates and fades away very quickly, but it is nonetheless a good idea to explain to anyone in your car, or perhaps ask permission.


On-Board Planes.


This can be a difficult one. In the united states, it's not unheard of to witness people using e-cigarettes in planes, although the majority of airlines have recently introduced regulations to stop it. But it's also not unusual for other travellers to be upset and fairly disturbed by it, so it’s inadvisable. Nevertheless, help is available! E-cigarette vapour will not trigger the smoke sensors in airplane lavatories. This is particularly helpful on long-haul overnight routes when you might want a puff, so the ideal move to make is go and shut yourself in the airplane toilet for 3 or 4 minutes to get your fix.


It’s worthwhile to learn that when you conceal the LED light on the end of the e-cig, and keep in the vapour for a couple of additional moments until finally it condenses and vanishes, it's going to be challenging for someone to determine what you are doing!


At The Job.


Whether you can vape in your job will be totally reliant on your relationship with your bosses and your co-workers. If you work within your own personal business office, there's no issue. Should you be employed in an open plan setting it's improbable that your co-workers will be especially impressed, however your boss might be a lot more open if they realize that vaping at your workdesk means you're not getting up each hour or so to go and stand outdoors cigarette smoking.


Lavatories and Bathrooms.


Lavatories and bathrooms, particularly in public venues, are a good spot to go and get your fix. You will not upset anyone, you will not trigger any fire alarms or break any laws, and you won't attract any undesirable attention.


Hotel Rooms.


The days are gone when you need to opt for a smoking or non-smoking hotel room, even if you're in a country where using tobacco is permitted in hotels. Take the non-smoking room on every occasion: they will smell better, they are better maintained and cared for, and you are able to toke away the whole day without disturbing anyone. Additionally, you won't require an ashtray!


Around Children.


Obviously if you are residing in a cigarette smoking home and you've got kids, there is an obligation to safeguard them. Transitioning to vaping is definitely a great way to accomplish this, nevertheless, you must be conscientious that the children do not grow up thinking that this is a habit they should imitate, since it is most probable that they’ll begin with real tobacco cigarettes, as soon as that kicks off the job to change them to vaping or encourage them to give up is so much greater. It’s not a good idea to vape in view of kids; however it is vastly less dangerous compared to subjecting them to the passive smoking of traditional tobacco cigarettes.


With regards to being pregnant, as outlined by an investigation of 77,000 expecting mothers in Denmark, women that used nicotine-replacement therapy in the initial 12 weeks of pregnancy had a 60% higher risk of having children with birth defects in comparison to women that were non-smokers, and naturally as no expectant mother should ever smoke cigarettes, vaping ought to be considered in the same category.




Essentially, vaping will set you free. In addition to the health advantages of quitting cigarettes, you'll discover that this is an entirely more hassle-free habit, and you will discover opportunities to vape that will gratify your needs and totally steer clear of all the annoyance, mess, and odours that you need to factor in if you are using tobacco. Do not be too smug!


Some E-cig jargon Explained – Mods, PV and VV 


The world of vaping is a mass load of confusion if you have no idea about any of the terminology and jargon that is commonly used. If you want to get on track with electronic cigarettes and stop smoking conventional cigarettes then this information is just what you need. Once you make the switch from normal cigarettes to E Cigs you will find all sorts of benefits. Even crazy stuff like being able to sing better, do better at the gym, taste food better and a host of other things will convince you that the switch is a good idea. You might still sometimes find a certain amount of throat sensation, but a lot of that depends on how strong the E liquid is that you choose and how hot you vape. At the end of the day, it's nothing like smoking in terms of damage to your body. 

What can get the beginner confused, is if you go onto the E Cig forums, you'll hear all sorts of stuff that is quite technical in nature, such as Ohms and milliamp hours, cartomizer's, tanks, and dual coil. Most people are probably familiar with the little electronic cigarette you can buy at the petrol station or your local grocery store. They look pretty much like a real cigarette. They have little cartridges that come in a bag that you rip open. Then you stick it on the end of the cigarette and then you smoke it. And if you're lucky you will get half a day out of it. That's if your typical smoker. They're not that satisfying. They're okay. But to get more from vaping, you will need a little more knowledge. 

Most of these types you buy off the shelf at your corner shop are a complete waste of time and money. Basically, they are a rip-off compared to more advanced forms of vaping. You will find that if you keep buying these monthly, they are very expensive. And you will go through them very quickly. You will end up forking out a lot of money and you won't get much out of it. Don't go there. Something that is very common is the Joy (or Joyeteh) eGo. It's 3.7 Volts. That's a common thing you are going to hear. It's a basic mechanical electronic cigarette. They will vape at 3.7 V and that's all you're going to get.


 As in many fields, E Cigs have their own jargon. If you're wondering what mod means, it is just short for modification. But in the world of E Cigs, mod can refer to the actual E cigarette as well, and this leads us onto another piece of jargon, PV. This stands for personal vaporiser.


Mods became popular because they offered an alternative to the cigarette sized E Cigs. Although these can mimic the look and feel of a real cigarette, they lack a lot of things in terms of performance and allow no modifications in terms of the strength of the smoke, how long it can last, time between charges etc.


There are two basic types of mods which are the box mod and the tube mod and their shapes are self-explanatory. When you hear people on E Cig forums talking about mechanical mods this often leads to confusion in the minds of beginners to vaping. A mechanical mod basically means that it lacks the circuitry of the more advanced products. There are no real electrical components to be found in mechanical mods. They usually don't have any lights or offer anything such as variable voltage or wattage. And here's another piece of jargon for you, VV, which just stands for variable voltage. Sometimes you will see this written as Vari-volt, and hear people talking about Vari volt mods.


So what's the point of all this jargon and what do these different devices and mods enable you to do? Ultimately, it all boils down to increasing or decreasing the intensity of the vaping experience. Of course, there is a little more to it than that, but the idea behind creating devices that change voltage and power, is that once you get into vaping, you will discover your own preferences for strength of smoke and flavour and these devices enable you to modify your vaping experience and have more control over other things such as battery life and recharging.