My name is Stuart Epton and I have been a customer for nearly a year. Prior to finding you I had tried many other electronic cigs both re-usable and disposable and they were all useless. I was at the point of giving up completely on the idea of electronic cigs but I thought I would give it one more try after reading the comments on the site.


 I am very glad I did. Since using your company I have purchased a lot of items as I was a 30 to 40 a day smoker. Until using Ecigs I didn't think I would ever find anything as good as a real cigarette let alone something that's actually better! Your products are quite simply fantastic. They are reliable, look great and just do exactly what they say on the tin. On every order made I have always got my item the next day.


 On the rare occasion I had a problem the phone was answered almost instantly by very friendly knowledgeable staff and the problems resolved on the spot to the extent that a replacement was sent the very same day.


 I cant tell you how refreshing it is to find a company that actually cares about there customers and goes the extra mile. I rarely recommend any company or service but in the case of Sweven I carry there cards and will pass them out to any one who is smoking or that I meet during my working day.


 As a service engineer constantly on the move I can use my Ecig in the car or any rental or contract van as it doesn't stain or leave a smell. Its simply better than a normal cigarette as it has all the good points and none of the bad. You can enjoy a cigarette knowing there are no health risks or nasty chemicals. Healthy smoking that costs a fraction of the price of normal cigarettes!


 I just wanted to say thank you for supplying fantastic products that simply work and for the fantastic customer services that you provide. Please don't ever change a thing that you do as you have it spot on right now.


 You are more than welcome to put this email on the comments page.


 Many thanks once againStuart Epton


Just a quick message to say how very happy I was with your service. To echo another Emailers comment, it was so welcome to actually speak to your staff over the phone instead of trying to put orders through over the net, also how helpful the staff were and the speed of delivery. Although I am using a competitors e-cig (with no complaints, I have found the product very good and the whole concept far less expensive and just as satisfying as traditional ciggies!), they were unable to provide at the moment a decent strength liquid. So after scouring the net I found your site. As mentioned already, the lady I spoke to was friendly and helpful and the order arrived 24 hous later. I will without hesitation be ordering from you again in the future. Please feel free to put this Email on your customer comments page.

Regards - Val (essex)


Dear all at Swevan, I have smoked 20 cigarettes a day for 40+ years, recently my partner was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), he is an ex smoker.

 The reality sank in that the only place I could happily smoke was my home, & that was now out of bounds, & I refuse to sit in the garden shed smoking!
So I chose your product, the 901, what a marvel! I charged it all up and I have not smoked a real cigarette since 16.30 on the 23rd September 2009.
Yesterday someone at work remarked on my perfume & said I smelled nice...this was 9 hours after I had applied it...I assume this was because I did not smell of cigarettes.
Thank you so much.
PS. Please feel free to add this e-mail to your Customer Comments

L.Kondrotas - Bedford

Just a big thank you for your prompt help this afternoon on my query about cartridge strengths. What a lovely change to be able to actually phone a proper landline and speak to another real person. Very happy with my 901 too.

Mrs M Lea-Moultrie - Poole

Thank you very much for your exceptional service. I recommend your company to everyone.

Mrs K Mac Pherson - Ellon

...thank Lynsey in support for solving my vaporiser problem and sending free replacement, arrived next morning. Wish I had discovered the Zigs electronic cigarette sooner... 

Charles Crane - Rainham

...that new zigs super strength 26 E-Liquid really packs a punch, nearest I tasted to a real cigarette, great throat burn, you could believe you are really smoking with this E-juice...

 Dave Klein - Datchworth

...two friends bought electronic cigarette kits from another web site cheaper than your 510 kits, but I had the last laugh, both of their e-cigs have stopped working after two weeks and the company telephone just gives answer message, tried emailing them, but nobody returns the calls or emails. So you guessed it - two more customers for Zigs. ps love the new flavours, keep them coming...

 Dave Andrews - London

...have sold over 20 zigs electronic cigarette kits so far to my customers in our pub. Now our customers stay longer as they don't need to go outside. Still amazes me how they feel like a real cigarette. Going to order some of the zigs E-liquid juice next... Adrian

Davidson - Rose & Crown. Welwyn

 ...thought I would let you know I did not think the electronic cigarette would work but tried it anyway as I drive a company vehicle as a service engineer (no smoking in the van of course). Well found it great and now use it on some of our customer sites and at home. Love the apple flavour, waiting for the e-liquid juice... 

Glenn Wilson - Cotgrave