The Future of Ecigs

What is the future of E cigs

Ecigs are a somewhat new innovation, therefore it makes sense that the technology will dramatically develop within the future years. To begin with, battery miniaturisation is increasing constantly, so we should expect to see slender versions, perfect for ladies, coming down the line. For traditional E-Cigs, the electric batteries will end up more powerful and more durable as the market takes off. They’re currently for sale in various sizes and colours so it's rather easy to see that the E-Cig may develop a style ethos all of its own!

The chemists will also play a role by investigating various kinds of substances for the E-Juice itself, creating more vapour, more taste, and more effective methods for supplying the nicotine.

Prices will drop as volumes increase, as is the situation in most markets. Right now you could usually count on paying between £50 and £80 for a "Starter-Kit" that usually consists of 2 batteries, a battery charger, and either a mini tank or five pre-packed cartomisers. Extra batteries are usually between £8 and £15 based on the manufacturer, and once you’re set up with some batteries and a couple of battery chargers, the only cost is the E-Juice.

But quite aside from the science and the chemistry, what's going to push the advancement of E-Cig furthest is public approval. Right now this is a relatively recent trend, and although it is gaining traction in lots of nations there’s still plenty of mistrust around it, due to the fact of unfavorable propaganda from vested interests. But the more people that check it out and enjoy it, the faster it will obtain a foothold, and as public approval develops don't be surprised to see increased investment in research and advertising. When the world genuinely recognizes the relative safety of vaping as opposed to smoking cigarettes, it's going to move into the mainstream. The earth will be a far better place and huge numbers of people will benefit from a more healthy way of life.

Ecig Regulatory Confusion

To illustrate the mayhem and uncertainty regarding the use of E-Cigs in a variety of different nations, the following is simply a quick summary of the deviation in legal requirements:

Presently, the most liberal Western regimes would be the USA and UK, where you will find absolutely no constraints on the marketing, selling or use of E-Cigs. English vapers are optimistic that the United kingdom Authorities will keep the laid back position when confronted with an increasing wave of illogical and contradicting regulatory noise coming from the European union. The United Kingdom continues to be at the forefront of cigarette harm reduction, being among the first to bring in rigorous restrictions on cigarette smoking in bars, night clubs and eating places.

The United States flip-flops at Federal level in between efforts to control E-Cigs as possibly medication or tobacco. It has fallen on specific States to determine on their own, and several have unveiled laws to prohibit sales of E-Cigs to those under 18 as well as their use in public venues. It appears that this kind of constraints do nothing at all to stop the younger generation from experimenting with tobacco cigarettes, and therefore moving on, as many do, to a lifetime of health-compromising cigarette smoking.

Brazil, one of the most prolific cigarette smoking countries in the world, prohibits the selling, importation and marketing of E-Cigs, citing insufficient data to be reason for health concern.

Hong Kong does not permit the use of E-Cigs, and threatens massive penalties and prison terms. On the other hand China places zero limitations on E-Cigs whatsoever!

The Malaysian Health Ministry has openly expressed that E-Cigarettes are more dangerous than using tobacco cigarettes!

Singapore prohibits E-Cigarettes totally!

What the majority of the prohibitive governments have in common is they seem to deal with E-Cig concerns with a total disregard for the number of lives that are presently lost and damaged by smoking cigarettes. The point that essentially 100% of E-Cig advertising concentrates on active cigarette smokers is totally disregarded!