The reason why Cigarette smoking Should End

In the West, in spite of huge investment in health education, and indeed the virtual demonization of smoking tobacco, over 20% of people continue to smoke cigarettes. Within Asian countries, China and the Third World the percentage is a lot greater because of the lack of significant health education and the plan of the cigarette corporations, which is to open brand new profitable marketplaces as these become more wealthy and the West gives up cigarette smoking in increasing numbers.

Tobacco smoking Death Statistics

By far the most overwhelming fact is that a cigarette smoker will probably die some 9 years sooner than a non-smoker. Individuals who give up smoking in their mid-life can get nearly all of this 9 years back, as while there is long-term harm to lung cells it’s mostly reversible, as are most of the other physical consequences as soon as cigarette smoke is removed from the picture.

Nonetheless, tobacco smoking continues to be greatest reason for premature death in all populations. Cancer of the lung, cardiovascular disease, stroke and other smoking-related illnesses prematurely wipe out 440,000 individuals the USA each year, and 700,000 in European countries. On a worldwide basis, these figures are fairly restrained, due to the greater death rates in some Oriental and African nations where health education is all but of no concern.

The expense of smoking-related treatments and the impact on the US economy is nearly $200 billion each year and keeps rising. Together with nearly half a million early deaths, there are tens of millions more who experience serious impairment to their lifestyle and wellbeing, all of which plays a role in what is basically state-sponsored Russian roulette, since tax take in the US through cigarettes and tobacco products is about $25 billion, and in the united kingdom £12 billion. Together with the relative damage that cigarettes do in comparison with banned drugs, it’s really amazing that the US authorities invested $15 billion in 2010 (the most up-to-date statistics) on the so-called War On Drugs, whilst the comparative death tolls are of the order of 15-20,000 each year, under 5% of tobacco smoking fatalities. Western authorities generally come up with bold claims concerning the risks of tobacco smoking and attempt to hinder the ability of individuals to smoke cigarettes by making it more awkward, in some vain attempt to develop a cultural stigma which will eventually shift the blame. It really isn't working, and modern society is trapped between vested interests, which continue to kill and injure huge numbers of people annually.