Your Security while shopping on-line with

Everybody at some time worries about security when purchasing over the Internet. We have addressed this problem by looking very carefully at all the companies providing Internet Payment Solutions and Site security, you will notice at anytime information is passed to us, such as in the your login, checkout page etc, the padlock appears in your brouser and the address bar changes to green to indicate you are in a encrypted totally secure link that cannot be read by anyone but us, in essence total security for you. This security level is to banking standards of encryption and is provided by COMODO and most web sites do not go to this level, even when you are filling in your email address, if the bar is not green through the encryption certificate when you are passing information you are not at the high level of security Swevan Absolute Ltd provide.

The choice was easy for us Comodo SSL3 certification of the web site pages with PalPal and Cardsave offering the security that our customers deserve for card transactions, and both are an important part of world banking. They accept Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Delta credit cards. Not forgetting debit cards and local payment schemes like Switch, Maestro Solo and Electron plus of course you can pay through your PayPal account if you wish.

Unlike some Internet transactions which pass through two or more organizations, your payment is directly on the PayPay or Cardsave sites through one single merchant account using 128 bit encryption security.

You receive independent email confirmation from PayPay or Cardsave and us regarding any order you place with us, providing you with piece of mind.

All of this means that you can shop with confidence without worrying that any of your secure information (even your address) will get into the wrong hands and all of this at no cost to our customers what so ever.

All parcels are sent in plain packaging and we can send items to the card holders registered address or work address. This is for you and our benefits; it stops a stolen card or stolen details being used to send goods to another address. PayPay check this at the transaction stage to fight against stolen credit card fraudulent actions, which in turn protects us and your security.

Finally, the only company we pass customer's details onto is PayPal or Cardsave as they require address information to process transactions. do not forward any of our customer's details to any other organizations unlike so many other sites that sell their customer lists to mail shot companies and you then find yourself receiving unsolicited junk mail, day in day out.